Electronic/Camera Ready Art Specifications

  • Any fully vectorized file created in Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw and saved in Adobe Illustrator *.ai or *.eps formats.  The above mentioned formats will not be accepted with embedded or linked scanned images.  If any fonts have been used in the creation of the artwork, they must be converted to outlines (curves) before the artwork is sent, or the fonts must be included with the file (please note that we are a PC based shop and therefor can only accept PC based fonts).

  • Any scanned image with a resolution of 600 dots per inch or greater in *.tiff or Adobe Photoshop *.eps formats which has been scanned from black and white camera ready art.  All files should be supplied black and white and bitmapped.  These files will be acceptable for solid one color imprints or greater than one color imprints where registration between colors is not close (two different colors are not touching).  No tints (screens) will be accepted for this classification of file format.  Low resolution formats such as *.jpeg, *.gif, *.pict, etc. are not acceptable.
  • Any file composed in QuarkXpress or Adobe Pagemaker which is comprised of text and placed images conforming to the specifications outlined in items 1 and 2 above.  Any fonts used in such a file must be supplied along with the file (please note that we are a PC based shop and therefor can only accept PC based fonts).
  • All acceptable electronic files must be accompanied by composite and broken (if applicable) hard copy.  Email must be followed up with faxed hard copy as per above as well.

  • Acceptable camera ready art includes 600 dots per inch (or higher) laser outputs, PMT paper.  All art must be supplied composite and color broken (if applicable).  Faxes, photocopies, business cards, etc. will not be accepted as camera ready art.

  • Any art not conforming to standards and requiring any art design/re-creation will be subject to a charge of $40.00 per hour which will be evaluated and quoted by the Art Director at the time of art inspection.  Complex electronic art may be subject to additional RIP time charges.

E-mail Requirements: 
 When sending art via email, please remember to include the following in the body of the email message:

  • Your company name
  • What product(s) you are sending art for.
  • Software title and version in the attached file was created in.
  • Who to contact (name / phone # / Email address) if art / file problems exist and need to be addressed.